I really did try.

Coming home from work and repeatedly finding hours and hours of work gone is a bit much.

I’ve had multi-door bases, a bloody huge fortress and 6 mini bunkers.

All these have been blown open. Making it worse they have had other peoples doors placed on them (overly sadistic I feel).

This game with c4 as it stands is pretty unrewarding and unplayable for those who can’t sink hour and hours into it and be on every day.

I’m out, or off to find a non C4 server.

It’s a shame as it’s a great game. Maybe not allowing others to place doors on your building would improve things?

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You’re doing something wrong, and/or lying. Unless you’re on a server with some sort of admin abuse, just spawning C4, there is no way your big fortress + all 6 mini bases got destroyed (unless they weren’t spread out). Also, were your places easy to raid? Were you raided with stairs? If so, your base design was poor.

Just gotta keep working at it man, but there is no way 7 bases got raided that were spread out, and good designs, unless the off chance you’re on some heavy admin abuse server.

Also, did you tout “multi-door” as a thing? This wipe on my server I am living alone instead of with friends, my place is a 2x3 with no snappable foundations, 10 floors, and about 40 doors. If you’re saying “multi door” to mean a handful of doors, you definitely need to work on your builds.

I agree does sound like heavy admin abuse.

I recently was on a server where I got hacked and my base cleaned out with no walls or doors removed. Then a day or 2 later after rebuilding got raided with my little shanty not that far off being hit as well. My will to rebuild on that server was low, so I migrated to another server.

Try and find a server with a rare C4 drop or where C4 is uncraftable and just slowly build up again. Between the wipes and hackers it can be really annoying at times. Just gotta play through it till they sort out more of the hacking issues and the official servers are more acceptable to play on to avoid admin abuse.

This is rust and this is common. As i was posting in the other thread, my base was raided with about 50 C4, 20 metal doors gone with some walls missing.

It sounds to me it looks like a hostile take over. I had that experience once, metal base build up only to be blown out with all doors missing and when i got there I could see people staying in my base and the doors are not mine.

They are going to have base ownership so dont worry at one point this will all be fixed

Not forgetting hopefully introduce traps soon

From what the Trello tells us about house ownership, I believe it will just be a window of time when you can pick up a building piece that you just placed.

I don’t think you’ll be able to just tear down any parts of your buildings at any time, only pieces that you had just put down.

I could be wrong, that’s just what it sounds like in the Trello.

play on a c4 limited server =] …we still have raiding, just considerably more rare and thought out

Yup, im telepathic and know your IP address of your server… Perhaps try stealthy, being stealthy gives you the shadows, a way to be out of plain view/sight. Build small area’s too, like 2x2 houses, they make raiders think that the owner has a really small inventory, build away from major capitals, making bases right outside radtown make raiders think you are stocked up on stuff.

no-one mentioned/advertised servers :stuck_out_tongue: