I really need a personal skin. (very basic!)

Hello, if your reading this thank you for your time, i’m just asking for a very basic personal skin in which i could incorparate into my posing.
Its just a Male_09
With a black shirt and blue jeans, that says EskimoSteve down his right arm, and has the " :smiley: " emote on his chest. Please try to do this and thank you in advance if you do.

Come on please. :frowning:

There a specific emote image you want, or just the words “:D”


It’s hexed.


Whoa, thank you so much your the fucking best, and if it isn’t too much can you change the smiley to just the words if not then this is perfect. :smiley:

A big fat ass I have a request for you, I’d like it if you did a personal skin for me too

Yea, I would like the power armor black, with a Glowing One’s head
SO it would be like, the head of the Glowing One with the body of black power armor

I want that as the body, picture provided by sliferz and i want a Glowing One’s head (its next to the regualr ghoul and tesla power armor, http://s3.garrysmod.org/img/dl/72729_1.jpg ) make it a playermodel and ragdoll please, it’s meant for a personal skin., you dont have to do this but could you add meng on both of the houlder plates/pads? and maybe hex it please)
Thankyou i greatly,highly appreciate this, thanks so mutch
Oh and mind PMing it to me please? I dont wnat people to steal it, but whover makes it they can use it too.



Sorry meng, but I can’t do your “skin”. That’s a hack. With model editing. I don’t do that.

Hey,how did you do that jeans textures?I’m thinking to make a reskin of my personal skin lol

“Borrowed” it from GTA IV with some minor editing. You can also make textures from pictures, though.

Hey big fat ass, I have a request

Are you able to skin Male_05 (The citizen with the aisan facemap with a woodland camo jacket with a grey shirt in middle with black trousers? (not model, just skin)

Ill apprecaite it alot if you did this for me.