I really need help with removing this weird bug

Everytime I get on Gmod and go to any sever I keep jumping and it won’t go away even if I delete the file.I will post a picture to the problem on what it looks like. I had this bug for 6 months now so I don’t know how to fix this.

I tried the internet no luck so I posted a Thread in the hopes that I can get help removing this bind or file in my gmod folder.Anyone help would be nice :smiley:


Completely reinstall Garry’s mod.

If all else fails, crash your computer and try again.

Its by to normal but I got to redownload everything.Still I don’t care as long as Gmod working normal again.Thanks

You probably downloaded an addon that placed an autoexec file in your garrysmod/garrysmod/cfg folder. You could have either typed “-jump” in the console to fix it for that app session or deleted your cfg folder and let Gmod download a new one for you.

Completely re-installing should only really be used as a last resort; most problems like this have proper fixes.