"I really need to take these pills."


Somthing I made after playing Afraid of Monsters.

EDIT: Oh dear, I forgot about the shadows.

That’s one massive bottle of pills he’s got, needs a little atmosphere tho, doesn’t look as scary as you might have intended it to be.

mfw there are no shadows


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also, holy shit I just noticed the face in the window. :ohdear:

And remade, now it looks like he’s about to “hallucinate”.

EDIT:Original back since remade was…shitty.

no it looks like shit

What did you do to it? :colbert:

Seems like I destroyed it. Oh well, I’m not really good at image editing.

Well put back the original, it was fairly nice.

You put the good looking one back. :3:

Those are massive pills

It looks too empty, and that pill bottle looks like it holds suppositories.


I tried. v:v:v

Don’t forget the red dots. I hated that part.

Much better.

Afraid of Monsters, brings back memories of shitting my pants with others in 2008 with Sven Coop

Afraid of monsters was fun, but I got glitched and couldn’t advance :c, this picture is kinda bland though. Needs more atmosphere.

what the fuck… I almost had 2K posts why do I have 700 now?!

This reminds me of artistic stuff and stuff.

Garry archived all of the posts before 09’ so those are gone, and the subforums got deleted, so those are kaput too.

A little better.

You should take those pills.
After Louis finds out where they are,he will stop at NOTHING to get them.