I really want this game!

hello first i want say admin please don’t ban me i’m new here and i just want ask if someone can help me and give me free copy of rust.
so please if anybody can give me game please i really want play it but don’t have any money :frowning: so if you really don’t need game copy or
if you are so good to buy me really tnx!!!

(User was banned for this post ("stop begging everywhere for rust. buy it yourself." - postal))


Doesn’t matter if you are new or the queen of England, Rules exist to be followed.

Here is an idea, get up off your ass and go wash some cars, mow your neighbours lawn, go get a paper round, save any and all pocket money you get, ask your parents if they can buy you it and you pay them back with chores.

You know it’s called not being lazy and being a kid. We’ve all been there…

I’ll give you the game for free, but I’ll need 4 advance payments of $5 for labor involved.

Awww, OP marked my post as “dumb”. My feelings are really, really hurt.

I bet he’s a hacker.

What you want ?

No, for two reasons.

And Two:

And besides, begging for a game makes you look really silly, I wouldn’t do that, like, ever again.

Yes, I forgot to scroll to the account, I’m tired, but look at the URL and the title… And yes, I realize how old the account is (2010, iirc,) but who cares, I am not calling him out on it, I wouldn’t have bought him the game either way.

Four payments of $5 each for a total of $20. Money first, game later.

lol then is same i buy it XD

Wash a car, mow the grass, take out the trash, walk some dogs or something. There are loads of things one can do to earn the money. Coming in here and asking for a hand out make you out to be a gypsy nothing more. Much like those “homeless” guys asking for money at nearly every street light, who then go off and hop in a 50K Lexus after a hard day’s “work”.

jonnymad haha xd i never use hacks and i’m not only who use andro321 nickname omg use your brains.

gj vac

“xd” “omg” well, I am going to go ahead and confirm that Pewdiepie account is yours then…

i even don’t know how is this omg…

Why don’t you ask people you know for money instead of a forum full of people who couldn’t care less if you didn’t exist?

People these days…

Just go borrow mommy’s credit card, kid, you’ll get more luck.

These idiots are the WORST