I really want to acces s&box as a programmer

I am a game developer/programmer. For now, I can’t call myself a professional but I do enjoy programming and developing games. I used Unity, Unreal and Godot. I really want to try s&box. What should I do?

Not much to do other than wait right now. Keys will be distributed more broadly later down the line.

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A lot of us are developers waiting for our keys. All anyone can do is wait and hope. Although I should note that if you’re not an experienced developer, I’m not sure how much you’d enjoy the current state of the game right now. I’m just hoping they get the site up and running where we can link our github, projects, and apply for a key. I remember Garry saying something in discord a little while ago about wanting to do that.


Your best bet is to be active in the official Discord and show your work. At the moment, a person with devpreview has to nominate you for you to get a chance at a key. Just don’t DM people with the devpreview role, just be active in the Discord and hope for the best.


we all want access but we just have to wait. I get it because I 3d model and its better to create maps in engine. but we just have to wait. the best thing you can do is show off your work in forums so maybe if you show your skill maybe on of the devs might give you a key.

Maybe he told that it wasn’t his job. But if he used to work on Unity and making scripts by himself he could enjoy to start learning about making gamemodes and some addons :wink: Anyway we are all in the same hole waiting for our keys haha

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Really unless you’re a genius and showcase some actual AAA game stuff, the chances of a newcomer average developer getting a key are so slim, you’d actually have a better chance buying a channel with lots of subscribers, making lots of false Gmod / S&box videos, and then message a developer for a key to showcase the game on your channel.


Thank you for your understanding.

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Thank you for your fast replies, guys. I just wanted to know how hard it is to get and where to get it. So, your answers made that clear. I will try to do my best. I hope they notice me :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw which discord server? Is it S&Box Modding? It was unofficial, I guess.



Would love to get access as well for the same reason

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I disagree, you have to market yourself, its not about talent its about doing something interesting and appealing to devpreview people. Workin a MC clone and ognik has taken a slight interest in that, have slowed down in progress though as I am trying to solve chunk update slowness/speed problem that the solution to fixing/alleviating is difficult for. Definitely not AAA quality.

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Just make content for the game.

Hard to make content for something you dont have access to yet. And as for just whipping up content for Alyx like a map or something, all that takes up a lot of time. By the time I would have anything for that to show it probably would not matter any more.

As for showing off code, what would we show off code for? Just start making some random Unity projects since it uses C# as well?

Also, most of the content thats posted on the s&box discord is s&box dev stuff, unless your talking about posting in the Community one.

Unrelated note, I am not a fan of the fact that you have to verify phone in order to post on the s&box discord. I am not a fan of minding things to my phone number.

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What do you think all the people on the forums have been trying to do?
You need connections and luck. Unless you were one of the few first people that garry handpicked, every other key has been given to friends, even when they have no developing past.

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I don’t think so, just because they are not visibly working on something does not mean they aren’t for one. Two Garry handpicks nominations based on whether they actually have something if anything more of the keys that have been handed out from influencers who got multiple keys such as crayz. You are acting like there is no QC for nominations. Nominations only get you considered, you have to be considered worthwhile in order to actually get brought in. Also the nominations to friends is to be expected, that being said don’t act like its only been to friends, Leaf has been nominated as well. Oppossum was nominated too, both of them have developing experience, but as of right now only Oppossum has gotten one. Again being nominated is only half the equation, you still are picked by facepunch.

If you’re trying to appease garry by saying how great the nominations system is, then it’s not going to work because he himself dislikes it…


Long story short: If you didn’t get a key from garry and aren’t friend with any of the people that do, then you’re out of luck.
Garry said that the most likely way to get access was to be active on forums, out of the top 40 forum users only 3 have dev access. They don’t know how to hand out keys as of now and are looking for alternatives.


no I am one of the people who proposed it/defended it. Its the best out of terrible options and it’s flaws are not terrible either

Backa the line, bub! :rage: :angry: :anger: :point_left: