I realy never was on your side


i focked up the smoke T_T

And your english.

Holy, I’m sorry to say but that looks like the worst smoke I’ve ever seen.

That should help you out with editing.

I was never really on your side

Fixed your spelling mistake for your heading…


I never really was on your side.

Why does everyone get this wrong? Seriously it’s not hard.

Unless this isn’t about the spy.

HL2 picture… Not TF2… Get it right…

But Lionheart1066! Think of the title!

Yeah I do think of the title… But its a HL2 picture for crying out loud. Forget it I aint got time to argue over a stupid line.

Seriously, say honest. Did you do that smoke with paint? :3:

No if i done in paint it be better ¬¬
srly i don’t pay attention on the title also i write it wrong, but everyone see wat is right T_T

About the Gimp its rly usefulll i will sea bout it, rly thanks mate.