I received a VAC ban and I don't know why

I really need help with rust. For some reason I have received a VAC ban on my account and i did nothing wrong that i am aware of. Steam was no help in resolving the issue i never downloaded any third party programs for rust or even glitched. all I was doing was running around with one of my friends collecting resources and then I was kicked from the server that we were currently playing on. I then tried to reconnect to the server and got the message you are currently VAC banned and may not enter “or something like that”. I submitted a ticket into steam support and all they told me was that there is nothing that they could do on the situation and that i must make a new account a re-buy the game if i wish to play which is not fair because i have done no wrong can someone please help me by giving me a link to somewhere i may put in a ticket and it actually be helpful for my situation???

whats your steam profile URL

Shouldn’t have hacked.

post your steam profile please

According to your steam profile, the VAC ban was implemented 10 days ago. That means whatever game you were playing 10 days ago, you got caught hacking by VAT. Nothing you can do.

On a related note, many folks come here and post up about how “they got banned and they don’t know why, and they’re not hackers”… at this point, the community is so jaded on this, that they just straight up won’t believe you.

pretty much. Everytime i see one of these posts i hope that someone has found the hack site with a forum post from the OP. But it really is all the same thing every time. "i got banned, i dont have, how do i get it lifted, silence after someone finds their member profile on a hack site

I’d like to think there are people who literally haven’t hacked in a sense - since VAC will ban you for anything modified. Sure they’ve hacked their client etc. but I imagine some people download a non-active enhancement like an injectable map mod and don’t consider the consequences.

morons like you make me laugh

Never gets old this!

That’s still a hack, and it’s still cheating. Flying, noclipping, getting items, suiciding people, ESP, lighthack, minimap, and more. They are all hacks and they are all cheating. If you modify the game files in order to give yourself an advantage, it is a hack and it is cheating. Even if you can convince yourself or others it isn’t cheating, it is still a hack. Hacking, in this usage, means modifying the game.

support the development- buy 1 more copy ;D

Most people only consider malicious things like aimbots and the like to be “hacks”. A map overlay isn’t malicious, but it does give an advantage and is considered a “hack” as far as VAC is concerned. Its a combination of “All it is is a map, how is a map a hack!?” and possibly the assumption that because you can get a map overlay for Minecraft and such that “obviously” it would be fine for Rust.

I believe what you meant to say was: “I was running around with my speed hack collecting resources with friend at ridiculous speeds when I got kicked from the server. Like it takes so long to collect resources and someone always kills me, I was just leveling the playing field, but I turned the hack off once I finished collecting resources.” and so goes the age old sob story

bye bye enjoy your ban.

Only our Lord and Saviour Garry can help you now…

Although, Valve is the one who banned you, and there is not much anyone can do about that. Enjoy your ban.

There is nothing anyone can do for your. Period. VAC has a ZERO tolerance policy.

Unrelated, but can you get banned for keyboard macros in dota 2? It’s not really cheating, since it’s just binding console commands to key (which everyone can do). Everyone does it, it’s just I’m really paranoid about it…

VAC only detects changes with the files…macros are not a part of that

you have to bind the keys by editing a cfg file in the games folder (just adding a line to a text file). People have been using them for years and I have never heard of someone getting banned for it, but I just want to be sure.

you will never get a ban because you changed the cfg file. Thats not how it works.

minimap? easy, run a second monitor and have a webpage loaded on it to show the whole map. even VAC in all its power can not touch that lol. crosshairs are easy as well. use a bit of tack gum in the middle of your screen. never pay for hacks again, use home remedies lol:tinfoil: