I recently bought GMod. How does anything work?

Title says it all. I have no idea what to do or what I’m doing.

There are tutorials all over youtube.

Are there any tutorials that you recommend?

Well you could search but if you want I could just pm you on any subject you really want to know. I mean yes, those video are helpful, but half the time they’re loaded with shit that you don’t actually need to know or they spend about 10 minutes a 15 minute video trying to be funny, not to mention a lot of the stuff is outdated.

You can do whatever the fuck you want in GMod, wanna build a ship and fly in space you can do that. Wanna write advanced scripts that control a 3D modular that can target NPCs and shoot missiles at them you can. You can do anything you want in GMod the only thing you cannot do is . . well I cannot think of something you cannot do. Fuck man just USE YOUR IMAGINATION.

Start like we all do, a car, then a catapult, then move on from there.

If you need help making a car, press F1 in Sandbox and click on how to make a car.

But is not better if you descover everything in time ??

Fuck. Shit. Up.

And get lodsa mods after you get bored without.

Read this http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Tools

Also wrong category

I started by tossing ragdolls all over de_dust with the physgun. Gmod 9 times.
You should try to make a car though, strap some wheels and thrusters onto a car wreck model and see it drive, then proceed with stuff like machinery, using hydraulics and winches and whatnot.
It’s also fun to make yourself a “zombie base”, gather some resources, put some npc’s on high points and make zombie spawners so you can have your little zombie surival for a while, it is reccomended to get some sweps, but that’s up to your taste here.

Stay away from roleplay, it will kill your enjoyment.

I recommend all of Mr. White’s tutorials but they’re kinda advanced into Wiremod.

Don’t forget to check the tutorials that can be viewed after pressing that Tutorials button in the ESC Menu, they however, explain basic stuff that can be done in Gmod

Oh the ass kissery.