I recently got HLA to learn Hammer, heres my first map

Major shoutout to @Moonded for getting me HLA so I could use hammer w/ hla assets.
Special Shoutout @EagleOneDevTeam to helping me learn my way around Hammer and their youtube series.

I’ve spent the last 2 days about 6 hours learning hammer and reading tips & tricks and watching tutorials. I spent about 6 hours making this map here.


  • Compile 2: https://youtu.be/PMt_kGIizVA
    – Minor material changes, Lighting made more “Natural”, Minor model movement to be realistic, Player clip on stairs added for s&b practice purposes.
  • Compile1: https://youtu.be/XRoD86xbOjA
    – I know the lighting is a bit scuffed, I learned a better way to do it and will be attempting to improve it in the next iteration. It currently just uses baked point lights, but I’ve learned using bake spot lights with unbaked point lights gives a more natural result.

I’d appreciate any criticism/advice, as I want to be decent off before I eventually get access/buy s&box.

To avoid spamming the forums this thread will act as my progression thread so as I improve I’ll update the post with more work.


Looks great. I recommend doing this for the stairs:


You avoid that annoying camera movement when going up and down on them and other issues with movement.

Also that locker/electrical box at the end of the seating area doesn’t look like it’ll ever open if there’s seats in front.


I was told player clips weren’t entirely needed, but since it was recommended by multiple people now, I’ve implemented it, alongside fixing some lighting & that electrical locker.

Thanks for the advice!

New compile out:


No need for clips in HLA, the engine smooths this out. The player clip actually is extremely frustrating for VR players as they will notice their hands smashing into an invisible barrier.

I can easily remove it.

Its been removed.

It was great advice for Source 1 because in competitive maps they would feel that jolt down and throw them off otherwise. Source 2 automatically adjusts for this :slight_smile:

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Alright cool! Thanks for the advice and a bit of Source history.

I still see it happening at the beginning though. Compare the two videos.

A couple of things;

  1. This is way better than my subway map, keep it up!
  2. The pillars are a bit boring, In my map I had these
    based on this

    (I couldn’t find the exact image i used, but this is from the same subway)

I applied a hotspot material to it with ALT+H
Here’s a video on that if you didn’t know already

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I watched them both and it looks identical.

Having had published a near dozen vmaps for HLA, and working with the Valve developers, and using the valve maps as examples, you will see that it is in fact not used.

(edit: This is having had watched the wrong videos, Cracken’s smooth locomotion point is in fact correct in this matter on flatscreen)

Look I know you’ve made some nice maps, but this:

Is not the same as this:

No matter how much you try to spin it.

Ah I watched the wrong video in the links that is my fault

I can see a difference here for this view. In VR the engine smooths this entirely out. I’m wondering what will it be like then if S&box does anything for that

I’ll bust out my vr headset and compare both.

I assume the VR controller smooths any movement at all to prevent sickness.

Regarding your issue about player clips stopping hands, perhaps there’s already another brush tool that only affects movement and no VR hands? Or it could be done by the fp or the community if needed.

Edit: @Jay well there you go, seems like Valve needed that as well.

Hm I’ll definitely try to find smth less boring in the material whether I round it or add posters or what not. Maybe find a Hotspot material that looks good on it.

Teleport clip

Edit: @Cracken I’ll test out all locomotion with teleport clips, player clips and none later today.

@anon52614226 @EagleOneDevTeam

I’ve completed my tests. My results are for non-vr testing is player clips are useful and can benefit.

For VR gameplay they are not required nor needed but testing or desktop compadibility if making for say s&b are useful.

Player Clip Locomotion:

Teleport Clip Locomotion:

No Clip Locomotion:

So teleport clip is what everyone should be using for stairs then, basically.

No, It has the same hitbox as no clip from Source2 smoothing, plus desktop/non-vr will fall right through.