I remade the physgun for s&box to replace that physics pistol thing


the reason the physgun isnt used in sbox at all is because its basically just a retexture of the gravgun, which is valve property


yea that’s why I added it lol


Some things are meant to be left behind, At least create a new unique one! :see_no_evil:


I think it looks sick, really good remake! If I had S&Box right now I’d definitely prefer the original physgun over the pistol.

I agree from other comments that since this is Valve property I’m not sure if it’d be entirely okay or not, plus a new sort of physics weapon would be cool.

All that aside though, looks really great. Well done!

Some things are indeed meant to be left behind -

But the physgun isn’t one of them

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garry has said he isnt making the physgun look the same to gmods version, because he’d rather be safe than sorry. even then sbox is more of a successor to gmod and not meant to be gmod 2

Well… yeah? If Garry had said that he was making the physgun look the same as Gmods version why would @Mortaguy have made this one… :man_facepalming:

good model for players with old school senses, but you can also add something new (like a rotating main camera while active or make a Rust version (from shit and sticks))

Make something like a tool-gun i think? But more heavy

I’m planning on making a remodel if the physgun similar to the portal gun from the Portal Valhalla mod. I think it matches the s&box look and feel pretty well.

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doesnt it will go to valve copyrights? even its mod - portal is valve made

Have a little look into Valves history with copyright strikes, C&Ds, takedowns, etc. Valve generally don’t care about people doing this kind of stuff as long as they’re not making money off of it.

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