"I remember one time, Keith and I met these guys from outer space."

So I was trying to progress further with the Vortigaunt Chronicles things… I have ALOT, and I mean A LOT I want to show. I hope not to disappoint. I got a pose done in relation to it but that was it. I won’t post it yet since the story-role isn’t finished yet. So I decided to do something with Vortigaunts but also jump on the Keith-bandwagon-ishness. I came up with this:



I’m hoping to get some Vandal posed today… Course I say that every weekend to no effect. MULTI-TASKING TO THE MAX pfft.

Ellis is finger-posed, just not down to the knuckle.

Nice, made me lol, perfect posing as always

Live long and prosper

i still prefer handlebars Keith.

Handlebars Keith?

Haha, the first picture is awesome.

Awesome stuff, but his thumb… it looks dislocated.

“The one called Ellis, is now the best time for talk?”

I like how Keith bites his lip.

i find it funny ellis is trying to make his hand look like the vorts

pretty good keep it up, maby include nick some other time in a casino and coach in a food cort

and rochelle on tv

Hahah i love it :slight_smile:
And I’m looking forward to your Vort Chronicles man :slight_smile: I loved to read and see those pics.