I request a little-kid detector and pitch changer.

When a little kid talks on the microphone, a module checks the pitch of the voice. If the pitch is high, it will lower it to sound like a big black man.


never again will we hear girls or little boys.

We need a certain frequency to do this.

To quote the Heavy: “ESS [del]NOT[/del] POSSIBLE

Damn nigga! you want to make it so girls sound like you? shit bitch XD

(User was banned for this post ("Racism" - Hezzy))

This idea will never happen, you know…

…get out, I swear to the non-existant entity known as god if I open 1 more thread and theres a post by you saying something stupid like “Damn nigga!” I’m going to just say fuck it and unplug my computer…

Most certainly possible if the voice goes to the server before being sent out to clients, which i hope it does.

Of course it does, peer to peer voice would be a rather large exploitable hole.

Only possible with gm_bass I’m afraid.

Calculating the pitch and lowering it is not tied to bass.

It is however, tied to a module. Bass just happens to exist already.

Don’t get your panties in knot man, that’s the first time i’ve ever posted “The N Word” on FP. But im sure this is possible, may be hard. but possible

Coming from an expert

Damn Nigga! Lol I just had to…

King, im pro XD

And just because im not as good as you, doesn’t mean im some complete noob. 4-5 days ago i was a complete noob, but i’ve learned a lot and can do shit on my own and need to ask for some shit. Deal with it. We all start somewhere

I’m surprised the people in here weren’t banned for racism yet…

On-Topic: I don’t think it’s possible, we may have to result in just banning/muting/kicking all the squeakers.

Why don’t we just make it disable the client’s speaking if the pitch is really high?