I request a stereogram mod!!!

I request a stereogram mod like the one on youtube:

BUT… It HAS to have an option to reverse the images, like this:

Cross Eyed Option:

Parallel/Wall eyed:

Otherwise parallel people cant use it or cross eyed people cant use it.
3D Gaming is the future, make it a reality… Pl0x?
Stereogram might not be the best 3D, but its better than anaglyph and requires no extra hardware other than a monitor, and if you don’t have a monitor, you shouldn’t be playing gmod in the first place.

I don’t really understand how it’s supposed to make it more 3d, rather than just more painful on the eyes.

Well then you must hate magic eye, it never hurts my eyes and i think its teh coolest thing you could do in gmod with an addon besides wire. Most people can either do parallel or cross eyed stereograms. Plus im not asking for a random dot stereogram, did you watch the video? They used to have an addon for this in gmod 9 but i didn’t play gmod that far back so i never got to try it out, plus the download links are all broken.

Hundreds of these mods have been made for GMOD 10 in the past… and they have ALL died.

For a GOOD reason too.

“pp_stereoscopy 1”