I request support for FastDL.

When I set up my FastDL, it just skips from receiving server info to sending client info and then everything I added is just an error.
I made the resource.addfile, I bought a webserver for fastdl and nothing works, this is kinda irritating

I’m willing to help you, but I will need some more information.
Ie. Server host, resource.lua configuration, server.cfg configuration.

If you have more questions, contact me.

STEAM : Koolaidmini
EMAIL : keenang123@hotmail.com

So, everything that you have added to the server’s Fast Download is just appearing as an error in game?

Been having the same problem. Apparently since the steampipe update, the way FastDL works has changed slightly. I’d love to know what i need to do on my FastDL in order to get it working again.