I request your 3d model files.

Are you new to gmod, but have some models that you want to work in the game? If so, I will compile them for you. I can not do ragdolls yet, but i will pose your model in a modeling program, (as long as it has the correct bones) any way that you want. If the model does not have textures, pick a color. Most file types will be ok, although I prefer .x. If you have textures for your model, be sure to include them.

Can you work with google sketchup files?

yeah, no problem

Feel free to play with any of my 3D Models http://www.4shared.com/dir/20265013/b717d38e/3D_Files.html

Thanks, these seem interesting.

If anyone wants to keep their models private, just pm me.

Define compile, there’s alot i don’t know yet about this stuff ^_^’

heh heh, basically, if you give me a 3d file that you made, I can make it work in gmod for you. I take it, convert into the smd files that compilers take, and the compiler take the .smd, along with the textures that I convert to vtx with their vtm companions, and compile them into files that can be read by gmod. If you want an expanded version, look at the compiling tutorials.

Though I’ll probably hit you up on the offer in a few weeks anyway, I’d much rather learn how to do this myself. I may be blind as a bat but…Compiling tutorials are actually on this site too? I can’t find 'em.

Then again I’m trying to make a weapon and it’ll require custom stuff. This is gonna be hell.

Well i got this but it needs work: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=929207

I might be able to remove the sword my self, but textures and rigging are something i can’t fix yet…

OneWingedAngel8: I’ll take a look, but it sounds like it might be too much work. If it has a skeleton, I can pose it and make it into a prop for you though.

VeeStoneheart: put site:facepunch.com compiling tutorial in google

I’d rather go with this new model that i just ripped, fortunetly this one doesn’t have any texture problems.

when i exported it i got an Mtl file, would thst possibly be the skeleton?

possibly, send it also, it will be easy to find out.

Will you except models for 3ds Max?

Yep, that is fine



yeah, but the actual model looks poorly designed, much worse than the picture.

I thank you for your help with that model, the prop tunred out great!! i can already think of a good use for it.

But if its not to much trouble i’d like to request 2 more.

These would be exelent props

I have no idea how to edit this model. It seems like all the meshes are all grouped (merged?) together. No idea how to undo this, so I can’t really “edit” it.
I need an exported SMD. If you could “unmerge” the individual objects (like the cylinders) and and save it as a .max file, that would be awesome!


I know it’s high poly, but it’s going in a machinima.

Textures…well. Get rid of them, & make a UV map of whatever image you want :]
I’m gonna retexture it myself, so I really just need an exported SMD. SMD’s don’t have a bunch of complex parameters and proporties, so it’s noob friendly :]

Thanks alot!


Oh, while you’re at it, can you export this as an SMD also?
(UV map it to anything)

I need an exported SMD. If you could “unmerge” the individual objects (like the cylinders) and and save it as a .max file, that would be awesome!

This shouldn’t be a problem, except that .max is the one file type that I know I cannot work with. If you can get it into any other file type, like .3ds .x .fbx .dae ect, I would be glad to take a shot at it.

Also, I would like to let everyone know that I can now pose anything in a modeling program, with or without bones. It may look slightly off, but I am getting good and quick at it.

Okay, here are the .3ds files

Remember, remove all materials (UV map to anything)

If you could provide the edited 3DS file you used to export the SMD, that would be great. I’m still learning :slight_smile: