I require a moderatly good mapper for a Gmod darkRP server

I am sorta inbetween gamemodes for my server ATM such as a HL2DarkRP, RealLifeDarkRP, and Metro2033DarkRP server ive got them mostly setup so whenever i want i can switch them around but for the metro 2033darkRP server i require a map for i have not found any good ones yet. the best one i have found would be nuclear winter V2. What i would like is a rather large map with the underground metro station with tunnels to another metro station on the other end of the map with 1 station inbetween, then the surface rather large as well with some broken roads/buildings a couple like bomb shelters that kinda thing and if youd like some zombie spawn for the regular zombie, like 1 or 2 fast zombies cuzz i dont want 2 many spawning, and the zombine and if you want a antlion/antlion guard. and if possible a glowing light that floats around the map, and if possible it deals damage when people get close to it. I will give you whatever youd like for making this as long as it isnt money because i dont have a lot of money. Such as admin, super, VIP, ect.

  1. Break up your post as it makes it easier to read.
  2. Mappers generally would like compesation for their time.
  3. This should have been placed in the requests section.
  4. An image is worth a thousand words. At the very least, draw a plan of what you want.

Requests section, it’s not that hard to figure out