I require a tutorial for SWEPS.

As the title suggests, I require a tutorial for SWeps using custom models. Such as a tutorial for world_model and view_model, using the custom models (not premade Wep/SWep models), and how to code them. I mainly need this for 2 weapons I need. 1 is a scoped Springfield rifle, and the other is a custom model TMP (realistic model).

Gmod wiki lua :stuck_out_tongue:

link please. (im lazy)

Don’t be lazy. Laziness isn’t going to make a SWep pop up from nowhere

yes it is. link please.

Really, I am Resisting the urge of being an asshole right now. J-Just… use your google…

Fucking get on your google you lazy piece of shit… If you can’t do that at least find the strength to kill yourself you waste of flesh.

Calm down o_o

I’m not mad… Just a bit of a dick XD.

:S only a bit?? Lol jks. ok I searched wiki. link would’ve been helpful (as last time I searched something on wiki, it gave me that exact opposite (damn /b/)).