I require some assistance in porting a model over to Gmod

Hello there people. I am trying to port over a model which i have already ported to SFM to gmod. I already have experiance with porting models to source, but Gmod is slightly different in a few ways and I need help in order to complete this adventure

So let me start out by saying i have ported a model to Gmod already, but it came out completely wrong as I expected. The model in question is Alfred from Arkham Knight


So yeah and I gave up on that model about a month ago as I want to start over again

What I basically need help with is:

• building a collision mesh, • Playermodel support, • Flex support (optional), • general optmization, • Moveable eyeballs

And I also have a question as well.

• Would renaming the main bones on the model to the valve_biped format be alright? I’ve done it in sfm and the rig_biped_simple works fine,

The Model: Johnny Charisma

As you can see in that image I have already basically set up the split model parts so I don’t have to deal with the issue of compiling with too many verts

I haven’t removed any of the facial bones, but I will remove them and re-weight the face to the head bone because of Gmod’s 125 bone limit ( there’s 154 there currently). I already did with that Alfred model so you can trust me.
I haven’t renamed the bones yet to fit Valve’s bone system just yet as I need some clarification with these things.

So now Im just in the process of getting some assistance from the porters out here. I am very determined for this project so i’d rather not get any of the non-supportive comments please

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I’m guessing no one is interested so far… :frowning:

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Please;_;. I registered just to get some help on this…

To get a collision model just decompile a valve model and use it’s physics.
As for playermodel, sorry but I cannot help.

I did that for Alfred, but it came out wrong. Even the model viewer as well

Does it work as a ragdoll? Did you rig the collision mesh properly?

Well I renamed the bones on alfred to fit the collision mesh’s bone names. it really should apply the same way

Delete the collision mesh bones. Slap Alfred’s bones on it and re-rig it. Rigging collision meshes is easy.
Do it.

That’s actually a pretty smart solution… I apologize for being a dumbass

I have a model I want ported to Sfm and G-mod if possible can someone Help I don’t know how to do it