I saw this and thought of you...

Postcards from Chernobyl
Drone footage from within the exclusion zone, 30 years on…

… apparently, there are packs of wolves inhabiting the area too, but very little other wildlife.

Yes i like that feels a little fallout NV-ish, but i was hooked from the part at the beginning with the sunk cargo ship (there was a thread a few months back about beaches and coastline monuments/buildings) and maybe we should have cargo wash up on the coastlines, Sunken ships spewing cargo maybe wrecked ships we could explore.

Also got to say that track use on that video Cool, mellow but reflexive, going to have a look at what else she has done.

Nice link :slight_smile:

Yes, the music certainly added to the “haunting scerenity” feeling… very atmospheric.

This would be a great alternative to airdrops. Having shipping containers slowly drift ashore over the course of a day or night would be cool. Unlike airdrops that everyone can see and hear these would be silent and you would have to scout the beaches to find them. Not saying get rid of airdrops, but for people soloing it could be an alternative to getting some of the better supplies.

Oh, and the Chernobyl/Pripyat location is right out of the Stalker series. If you never played them they’re a great set of post-apocalyptic games. Personally I liked them better than the Fallout series.

I like the decaying ship, but the rest keeps making me think of dayz. Makes me realize how much I dont want a ton of pregen buildings everywhere.

Yes that’s what i like about this idea, it would encourage exploration, and people to populate the coastlines, in the old coastline thread there was talk of creatures coming from the sea as a game balance so the coast was not safe,

That’s the bunny, was trying to remember that game.