I say hi to ye all.

Since I’m new to FP, I decided to make a photo in Garry’s mod to say hi.

im not so sure if this needs a thread…
but where are my manners! hope you like it here at facepunch

Hi back at ya and welcome to Facepunch.

Hi, just to warn ya, if you’re going to continue posting pictures do not be scared off by the harsh criticism :smile:

I tend to fight back at those who criticize, but I’m not cool enough for that yet :cool:

Most criticism is aimed to help you improve your work. Listen to it and disregard the trolling and you will do fine.

If you fight back, then I will likely not comment your images.

I’m only worried about the criticism on skilled artists or creators.

Remember to read http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=809347 before posting… Hello btw! :smiley:

for a second I thought this was a Ryu-gi thread :smith:


Facepunch…it sucks everything in…

  1. Turn up your graphics. Don’t complain about it if you can’t, you either learn to edit it out or never make another picture.
  2. Learn to edit, learn Photoshop or Gimp which is free.
  3. Learn to pose, look at yourself in a mirror and try to replicate it in a picture, it has to look natural; you really can’t toss a few ragdolls here and there and pull their arms in legs in a general direction hoping to make a decent pose.
  4. Learn what is aesthetically pleasing. A ugly dark red tiled background, a bunch of tf2 and hl2 characters tossed together with some random models and shit is NOT aesthetically pleasing.

Now onto your picture.
Your graphics setting is a definite minus.
The posing is your general horrendous posing of a (one would hope) beginning gmod user with lots of clipping.
Your model choice is VERY poor, mixing three different games in a way that doesn’t really make any sense and carries no humor in it.
Your map choice is also VERY poor, covering up flatgrass/construct with some red-paneling isn’t going to help hide the fact that you’re on flatgrass/construct

It’s a very poorly done image, especially for a starter one; albeit it IS a starter and there is always the chance that you’ll improve and become a great poser.

Don’t let your faults discourage you, use them to better yourself, learn from your mistakes. Assholes like me who give harsh criticism may discourage you, but take our criticism and use it like a tool.

Well, In my (almost year) here I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Don’t be an ass, attempt at using proper grammar, and have fun! :v:

I was only trying to make a quick photo to say hi, jesus christ.
What do you think I was trying to do anyway? Make a picture to demonstrate the fabric of reality?

Whatever, I quit.

No, but we expect something with some quality. This is basically the equivalent of going into the creationism corner and posting a picture with a stick figure waving its hand and saying “Hi”

Nobody cares if you’re new, and nobody is going to enjoy this picture.

You quit after some POSITIVE criticism telling you to NOT quit?

Did you read the entire thing?
If you’re going to be a dick you may as well quit no matter what.

Quit acting like a baby.

We all had to go through criticism, and that’s how we got better.

I bet it’s Ryu-Gi trolling us.

No, it’s a friend of mine.

It’s not Ryu-Gi.

Conspicuous troll is conspicuous.

I mean, he got some of the best criticism I’ve ever seen posted. And read his reaction.