"I see a body here with a gun next to him.." Suvivor looks at a offscreen body...

and doesnt know somethings behind him

If its to dark, turn up your brightness

I like it, but could be a bit less dark, (I expect people to say this countless times).
Nice expression on his face and editing.

“and doesnt know somethings behind him”

And neither do we :v:
A little too dark, mate.

But good from what I can see.

more like this


I like the hard one. The light one ruins the atmosphere.

I strained my eyes a bit, but I got the gist of it.

I don’t want to adjust my carefully calibrated brightness just so I can see your screenshot.

you’ve got practically no highlights or midtones, what the fuck is wrong with you?


not only does the picture look like shit as it is (impossible to see), it still looks like shit when you brighten it.
looks like you went crazy with the burn and dodge tools as well as the noise filter.


this does not look good.

Well it looks okay, when it’s dark and I can’t see any of the details. Try not to lose yourself again but you kind of did go crazy with your burning and dodging, he’s not trying to troll you despite what you may think.

Um I dogded his body a whole lot then did some burning. Noise was at normal

Ugh you again

isnt the zombies body twisted?


No, when I took it was all straight.

That zombie looks like… a… spy! :stuck_out_tongue:

It lacks contrast

No, it lacks spys.

I can see everything clearly in this pic ._.

did you just ignore my entire post and reiterate my points?
good job, you still lack reading comprehension.

I have to admit these dark pictures aren’t that great. I have to go with pro on this one.

I read them.

TY for comment anyways.