I see massive potential in this game

Out of all the similar survival games I have played (Dayz, nether,… and warz…) I see actual potential in this game!

The problem with dayz and games of those like is the system they are based upon and the gameplay focus. Even though dayz is in alpha right now I do not forsee it changing in it’s general outlook especially since it is still relatively shackled to the arma engine. The most you can hope for in those games is bandit gameplay pvp deathmatch where you almost always shoot on sight. Not only because everyone else shoots on sight but because the games in themselves generally turn into this mess of gameplay where really there isnt much to do outside of killing one another in pvp… Dayz could somewhat eleviate this if they made zombies incredibly difficult but I do not forsee this happening.

I hear that zombies are being removed from this game, and good riddens it will be a nice change of pace to be able to play a game for once which does not go down that same path!

But There is definite room for improvement to this game and that ceiling this game could reach is immeasurable!

Right now the game is no different from those other games in the aspect of not having enough content outside of pvp… People are just killing each other because of boredom of having nothing else to do. Food/shelter/survival is not a huge importance due to the ease of requisitioning said supplies easily enough to keep you contented.

I feel a good game to use as a guide for this one is unreal world rpg… In that game it’s a rogue-like which is incredibly brutal in how difficult it is at least at first. It is set in the late iron age of finland. The game is entirely about survival and how you go about it you could be a hunter, farmer,trapper, fisher, or even trader… The game has a seasonal cycle and being unprepared for winter can be downright deadly if your not ready for it. game becomes more scarce and you can die from frost bite. A single wound in that game can become fatal if untreated.

The environment in Rust I feel should be out to get you. You should have to fight tooth and nail to survive and that should be the ultimate push for people to kill one another. Not out of fun of getting headshots but fighting over supplies and stealing supplies. Possibly make hunting something which would be a difficult endevor which might be safer if you were to bring multiple hunting to help acquire said game.

let hunting be difficult and hunger have a meaning. whether it’s having a reliably stable village guarded to be able to grow food. putting traps in correct places with the right kind of bait and maybe a little bit of luck, and having the keen eye for not only your prey or danger. Food should be something that should be a constant worry. Maybe have levels of hunger which decrease stats over a long period of time without starvation. Getting food should be relatively difficult and time consuming but still something fun!

“The carrying capacity of a biological species in an environment is the maximum population size of the species that the environment can sustain indefinitely, given the food, habitat, water and other necessities available in the environment. In population biology, carrying capacity is defined as the environment’s maximal load,[1] which is different from the concept of population equilibrium.” Maybe have areas only be able to have so many players worth of resources such as food after that people would have to have skirmishes and scrapes over food possibly splitting into various clans and tribes.

Have people want to work together to achieve goals! Maybe make some shelters take a long time unless you have more people working on said project reducing the timer! Maybe have skill sets that various people can have so that they can work together to achieve things not possible (maybe someone could be a good hunter but not good at foraging, while someone else might be good at foraging but not as good at self defense) alone. Maybe improve and increase the depth of the wound system allowing for different parts of your body to require different treatments and different damage types.

And please for the love of god get rid of high tech guns or atleast make them Incredibly and I mean incredibly rare. I came back after taking a break from the game and wow the new guns like the ghetto shotguns that shot rocks were an awesome edition! Striking the flint on my pistol to make it shoot was a really neat edition and the guns were pretty plausible for being in the wild. But still these guns are ill relevant if you can just craft M9 using a little bit more metal. At the very least make these guns exceedingly rare maybe possibly old relics that we might see as artifacts of a bygone age. I would love the idea of crafting throwing weapons, spears, shields, and other such cool weapons but if they are just going to be replaced by guns what’s the point of even wasting time making these editions?

Let me wrap it up by saying I really love the idea and potential for this game. Unlike every single other game of this type, this game has a relatively cool system of creating shelters and placing them anywhere in the world, and the very fact this game has a crafting system at all is a step in the right direction. I hope to see the developer capitalize on this opportunity and truly create a unique experience for everyone involved! I want to see this game succeed it would really suck to come back to this game a year from now and see it as something where people just go around and kill one another for no reason really other then having nothing else to do.

I think this is a great idea

There are on average 8,000 active players in this game, as an alpha. The people who dislike PvP are dwarved 10 fold by those who are enjoying it.

What does that have to do with that the OP said? He’s advocating changes to survival that makes PvP more meaningful, not complaining about it.

Well based on the fact that right now there is a cold status in the game I think it’s assumable that there is going to be something similar to this in the relatively near future.

I would also love to see weather effects and possibly even fire being able to spread. Imagine lightning strikes setting trees on fire or a forest fire sweeping the area causing people to come inland and putting pressure on the stability of the area

Noooo dont remove zombies lets have moving herds like walking dead please that surround and try to get into wooden huts

OP you just described Dont Starve, on steam. Granted some of the things you mentioned dont exist, zombies, pvp ect. But the survival aspects do. Have you played it I suggest you try it. Sounds right up your ally. As far as your suggestions go I definitely like the idea of seasons, and the severity of the environments.


I know where I am headed tonight.
EDIT: I really don’t like that art style… I hope that rust will go in this direction.

In general I hope this is the direction that the game will be going. I am not sure how far rust will be able to go without loosing the cod players but that might not be a bad thing. This is the sort of thing that can make this game stand out, and make this game really be amazing and not just another dayz clone.