I see no other players or animals or resources, all invisible!

is imposiblew play now!
Everything is invisivle for me, I see no resources, I do not see the other players, not animals. Suddenly, something kills me and do not know who killed me.
I also saw some players or frozen animals.

Just disconnect and watch the updates for a render fix.

same here…

What updates for a render fix?

when you play late at night everything is working i was playing at like 1Am and everything was working fine.

Watch the updates section of playrust.com. Wait the admins to come up with a fix and then post about it in an update.

but you’re stupid? already that you’re telling me, I’m not retarded.


This should be on Bug Reports and even there its posted about 100 times. It could be fixed in an hour it could be fixed tomorrow, just be patient.

Apparently you are.

Firstly I am not English-speaking. Second is obvious reply. But by your response you gave to understand how that there was a specific fix for this problem. Obviously you have to wait for developers to settle it.