"I see you" A rebel in Aperture Science


And two bonuses
(I know it’s full of flaws, thats why it didn’t get it’s own thread)



I think I like the bonuses more than the pic the thread was about. :v:
The brightness of the wall textures of the Portal pic turned me off.

Shading needs more work.

Fair enough, well, I’m glad you enjoyed two out of 3 :buddy:


Will do :biggrin:

I was about to write something that would help you.

But you don’t take it so I said “Fuck it.” outloud.

Why does the motion blur look so damn weird in the first bonus?

I think that the second bonus is the best in my opinion.

I’m not so fan of the picture and first bonus, but god that last one is awesome.

All of these seem very boring to me, you’ve done better Hunter.

What I mean by boring is generic, not much happening, etc.

@ 2nd pic: It’s an AA-12, a fully automatic shotgun, and only one shell is flying out?

@ 3rd pic: That just doesn’t look right how he’s hitting the zombie with the bat, try swinging a bat yourself as a point of reference for the pose, it helps.