I seem to be reaching my "unique verts" limit. Help!

I cut the map in half and it’s still telling me I’ve reached the limit, so my guess is that there’s a specific brush that’s causing the issue.
I have tried to remove all of the complex detail and compile, but I still get this.

There is no way for me to check how many verts I have unless it compiles fully, but it seems to be preventing its self from doing so.
Is there another problem or is this it? I can’t find a way to fix it. ): Help please or I can’t release the map.

The glass error is always there, I think it’s caused by a model because I’m not using the texture in my level.

Try turning off func_details, and compiling. The glass problem is from a texture: glass/glasswindowbreak070b try using glass/glasswindowbreak070a (the not broken one)

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Oh you said its from the model. Well in that case it probably is.

Compiling without func_details worked.
But what does that mean? ):

Seems like you’re going to need to convert your geometry into models using propper or a modeling program.

Ah I can’t do that. ):
The map really isn’t THAT complex.

If you have any complicated brush work (a brush with like 5 or 6 sides or more) it might be a good idea to convert those. perhaps a screenshot?

Well the map compiles without func_details, so that means the converted brushwork is the issue.
I just have to delete a lot of that brushwork? Even though 50 percent of the map is func_detail. ):

I’m still having this issue and have removed so much of the level, and yet the verts are still too high.
How can I see how many verts my map has? Because all it shows is the limit.

Map>show information. Probably doesn’t have all the info you want/need though.

Yeah that doesn’t exactly tell me how much brush geometry I have.
This sucks! I’ve spent a year working on this level to just have to remove so much of it. ):

The issue is definitely that I have too much func_details. I’ve tried making them in to models but it’s really complicated, I’d have to manually texture them too.

Just use propper, and it will keep the textures the same.

As you can see there are a lot of func_details:


Just trying out the program now.
Do you know if it works with Source Engine MP?

It should. You should not however compile all your func_details into 1 model.

What are the limitations?
I’m trying to compile the skeleton of the skyscraper in to 1 model. Should I put it in to sections?

There seem to be problems using Source Engine MP with Counter-Strike: Source.
I get the error:

“Can’t load c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\zaperz\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin\filesystem_steam.dll.–VFileSystem017”

I would use the 2007 Engine Version but there are no mods under it. ):

Try using 2009. I haven’t tried it under mp.

For starters there is no Counter Strike: Source mod under 2009, secondly every mod I try, I get that no grid glitch where everything is black, except CS:S in MP.

Add me on steam.

You already are :stuck_out_tongue: