I seem to have misplaced my sky box.

When I loaded up a recently downloaded map (RP_Lakeland) it had a large pink and black checkered sky box. I think “Fuck, guess I’ll just go play another map.” the next map I loaded up was GM_hugeconstruct (at least I think. Whichever one PHX3 comes with) and it had the same thing. I then proceed to load up GM_bigcity. THAT had a working sky box. I didn’t check any other maps, but does any one know what might have happened?

Do they require textures from other games? If so, you’ll need those first.

I should have been more clear, I’ve had hugeconstruct for awhile, the RP_Lakeland is where the problem started. At least I think, I had taken about a week break from GMOD.

ask the author?