I seem to recall that Garry said that because the UI was html, it could be modded

and also that altering this file wouldn’t trigger a VAC ban. Is this the case?

Reason being is that the UI is too transparent on Linux at the minute. It can’t be seen when in the snow biome. I tried the game in windows and it didn’t have this problem. Is this only happening for me or are any other Linux users out there experiencing this?

This issue has been reported by many users and Garry and his team are aware of the issue. Until this time, there’s nothing you can do really.

Yes you can edit the HTML Files without a ban.
Garry was writing this for some time.

I have also started with a UI for my own server and it works great without any ban or complications :slight_smile:

Garry said the UI sucks and dosnt work on certain platforms, and is switching to the built in Unity UI application. Don’t bother modding too much.

Garry Newman DEVBLOG 31

"Coherent UI is what we use to render all our UI. It turns out that sometimes it crashes in the background which causes the UI to stop rendering. This is particularly a problem on OSX – which is unplayable for some people due to this bug.

We’re working with the guys at Coherent to fix this – and have added some extended logging to it to try to solve the problems. We’ve been talking about this situation internally and are going to start exploring the new UI system in Unity5. This is definitely a bit of a fuckabout because it was probably only 4 months ago that I was talking about how great HTML rendering in game is. It still is awesome – and it’s definitely something I’d look at again. But at the moment we’re suffering with UI slow-downs, rendering oddities, portability issues and crashes, and we haven’t really looked at the new UI in detail yet.

So it’s something we should at least evaluate and consider."

I really hope he does change the UI.

HTML would be good for modding shit, but fact of the matter is that the current one is laggy as fuck. The older one may not have been as pretty, but it was far superior in terms of performance.

I hate on the current one that if I click craft 10 gunpowder it lags the shit out of my machine. I can hear it churning as soon as I click.

I know Garry has said if something sucks, it gets removed. So seeing that comment on the devblog gave me some hope.

Just to clarify, I like the design of the new UI. If it was lag free that would be great. But until it isn’t, I’ll wish for something else.