I shall not falter in the name of the Emperor.


I was expecting Star Wars… :emo:

I expected 40k.

He has a bloody arrow stuck in him. He has already failed. Pose is nice. Like the water reflection. Sword looks oddly shiny though.

It looks the knight bashed that fellow’s helm on tighter.

The helmet looks weird but the contrast, the posing, the angle+DoF looks awesome.

I was about to rant about private Space Marines, but was positively surprised. I like the idea, and posing is nice too.

Very nice but the DOF on the bowman is a little…

let’s just ask if he’s about to teleport

By the nine!

I’m calling heretic on this - he looks like he has no head! Also, the holes created by the arrows look pitch-black which is a little odd.

Nice posing and camera angle though and good use of depth-of-field.

I don’t think he has a head.

I didn’t expect nothin but a screenshot, the blood on the arrow looks awesome

Awesome, love it.

No criticism to mention that hasn’t already been said.

Thank’s everybody

I thought the helmet looked weird higher up but I was wrong lol

Very nice! ;D

He’s in Epic Last Stand, quick, go for a second wind!

I like it, has a sense of badassness about it.


Looks smexy.