I sincerly hope friendlies find these.

So I have decided to end my little production fiasco, and join a group. The reason for this being I was killed and robbed after someone somehow got into my house.

Saddened by this, I went on a hunt. I just happened to break into my killers house, and I stole all my stuff back. All 5,500+ items. (Whoever the hacker was, duped some of my items.)

Now, I have hid all these items in very, very remote locations. No, I do not remember where they are. It isn’t by any landmarks and barely anyone even goes near there. And they are for sure not easy to spot. There are a few more than half a dozen crates that were scattered around by me.

This includes:

  • 2000+ Gunpowder

  • Several guns:
    >2 M4s
    >3 Shotties
    >4 or 5 Handguns
    >1 Mp5

  • 50+ cooked meat

  • 2500+ sulfur

  • ~2250 metal fragments

  • 2 research kits

  • ~25 pieces of paper

  • 30+ flares

  • ~10-15 medpacks

  • 2 blood extraction kits

  • ~250 rounds of .12g shells

  • ~400 9mm rounds

  • ~100 5.56 rounds

  • ~800 wood

  • ~50-60 of each type of ore

  • Several mods

  • A kevlar set, and 2 or 3 full leather sets

  • ~25+ radiation pills

  • 2 sleeping bags

  • ~40 cloth

I really do hope these are put to good use if they are found. I don’t want some douche bandit finding these and killing innocent people with them. Then again, bandits usually hang around populated places and areas. Oh, and to the speedhackers, don’t even bother looking. You’ll fly right off the map if you speedhack towards them.
When I joined the game I had hoped I would do what I did in DayZ. Loot a ton of shit, then send it out to friendlies and trust they do well with them.

Turns out that doesn’t work in Rust. :V

Anyways, what good deeds have you people done in this game? And no, not shooting a player because you see them doesn’t count. That should be a natural given to not shoot whoever moves.

IGN: Ophidion, if you saw me.

Well, if we’re gonna talk about good deeds, I helped form a community with 3 of my neighbors, complete with sniping tower, fence made of doors and shared resources. Might still be intact since I only got off a while ago.

More importantly, this is a really good idea you had, hopefully people who aren’t raging asshats will find them.

Good deeds? Does shooting the killer of a group of 3 people who tried to build a house, then give them cover while they build count?

Good intention, but i think you’re a big target to bandits that way. I love to do this aswell but I’m sick of dying all the time.

Next time you should probably secure your house properly.