I Smile When They Get Banned

Is it just me or does it make you chuckle inside when you see the un ban me please threads? It’s even better when a few replies further down someone posts a link to a cheat website with the guys exact username he uses on these forums as well. With each new thread I feel a sense of overwhelming joy that this game is ridding itself of these immature try hards who apparently think the game is so hard that it’s worth gaining the upper hand with cheats. I encourage them to make alternate steam accounts and repurchase the game so the programmers can receive more funding. In the end it looks like we all win.

off course , after all its only human nature to see the scum of the earth beg and plea for help

and seeing those threads is no exception , but people do banned falsely , so its really 50/50 the either did hack or they did not and got banned cause either a admin was mad at them and abusing their powers or they where caught by admins cheating or found video evidence of them cheating

Admins can’t issue VAC bans. The system is automated and is triggered only by modifications to the game resources.

No, it’s triggered when it detects a program altering it’s memory or injected .dlls.

… which is part of the game’s resources.

Got banned bro?

OP: “does it make you chuckle inside when you see the un ban me please threads

Silent Irony:

LMFAO! someone got owned xD.

Other than the OP just getting owned right there, I do like seeing the people getting banned, but not that it takes weeks for them to get banned. Whats the point of playing when you work for hours then a hacker ruins it in minutes? You leave for another server and it could happen all over again or admin abuse. Just sucks balls.

Having a MPGH account doesn’t mean you would hack rust. For an example, I have hacked in the past using other peoples scripted stuff, I personally would not hack rust just because I have payed for it. I already learned this lesson from another previous game I bought and cheated on.

It’s kind of funny that you had to make an account on that website to impersonate me. Good try bro. Can you link the profile to the website, so I can see the create date?. I’m sure it matches to the time you troll posted my thread.

Not really. If the thread sad something about please let me out of jail maybe.

It was funny at first as it reminded me of back when I used to play on International Ragnarok Online and there were hourly threads with people who had been caught using bots to play for them churning out very possible excuse they could come up with. Seeing how many people are either listening to the hack provider(who stated to come here and claim false positive/play dumb/etc) or just think VAC can be overturned by the company that makes a game they got VAC’ed in, its losing its humor.

I feel bad for the hackers good name since these people just download files from a forum or purchase the cheats. Purchasing software someone else wrote and installing it is not hacking. Calling them hackers actually implies they may have skill and if installing a exe is hacking, my Mom is a hacker :).

That isn’t his. Notice OP’s flag is USA, and that account is for someone in Canada.

Yea the true term for them are scrip kids. But then again I don’t complain hackers should be given a bad rep for writing this type of scripts to begin with.

They are great because we get to point and laugh at the OP.

protip: donutman is a pretty common name

The account was created in 2008 but there is a hack maker who goes by the same name. It’s not necessarily the same guy. It could be…but “donutman” isn’t exactly a highly original name.

Ignorance at it’s finest. (Or, maybe worst.)

I would disagree. Google search, buying software, installing it through a standard msi or exe and then running software takes no skill. I am not saying script kiddie are much better but a script kiddie takes more skill.