I solve problems.

This comic is hopefully more fresh than the previous one.


I looked into my previous constructive criticisms and improved.

You did not improve in the slightest.

Some suggestions from me:
1 - Don’t try to be funny.
2 - Turn up the graphics settings.
3 - Don’t use mspaint.

  1. Don’t use the word “mate.”

Wow dude stop trolling

“mate” is commonly used as “friend” in various parts of the world.

I didn’t laugh, but the comcic lines itself were pretty well done.
However, as mentioned turn up the graphic settings.

i thought this comic was a heartwarming tale of racial equality and medical advancement.

No. I’m not allowed to say “nigga” just because I’m white so anyone who isn’t an aussie or a brit should not be able to say mate.

Of your two recent comics, there isn’t much of a point to them. It’s like they are half done cause there isn’t a punchline or anything really humorous. They just seem to be there in the comic for the sake of being there. Not really funny at all.