i start gmod and get a wierd error message

the error looks is "c:programfiles\steam\steamapps\calowski\garrysmod\episosic\resource\closecaption_english.dat. I did get a new video card and updated the drivers that whole thing and still get the message

Am I right? all the error gave you was a incorrect filepath?

and what are your specs? a new videocard and drivers ain’t anything

The whole message please?

video card is nvidia geforce 9400gt low profile 1024mb card and the computer is a inspiron 53os

so? a model! wow! I want to know the clockspeed of your cpu and number of cores. I want the amount of ram and what kind of ram it is. I want your operating system, and I want the full error message. when you get us that, We’ll be able to help you!


oh and a valid steam account link to check if you haven’t pirated the game.

I highly doubt an error with some caption files will be the cause of hardware. It looks like he pirated the game though.

yes. I doubt that too, still I ask because every aspect can be useful in solving problems. and piracy is probably the problem indeed