I still havent gotten into Gmod Tower.

I’ve been trying about 3/4 of my days lately and still havent gotten on.

I live in canada BTw, Tips?

GTFO and wait your turn.

Well, here’s another generic thread about somebody going “I WANT IN GMT NAO!”
Do what above user said.

Other than waiting, just fave the server and keep hitting refresh. That’s all you can do.

Don’t play GMTower

Why not?

It never has openings, why bother?

Somebody mind telling me what Gmod Tower is?

A server in GMod, it’s trying to make pretty much the best server, like a mix of RP and Lobby, with tons of mini games. Most of it is also streamed.

GMod Tower has 1 base server with a map that is like a scyscraper hotel. Then it has multiple small servers to the side that each run a different gamemode (mini game). You first need to connect to the main server, and then join one of the mini games from there.
Look here for more: http://www.gmodtower.org/

What’s the server look like when you connect?

Dm’ing ever where?

People have no weapons in the lobby, if I understand correctly