I swear I'm not lying. please please take a look.

Please look at my description, I am not lying and this is 100% accurate
I bought the game about a week ago.
I played for around 3-4 hours.
Today I also played it completely fine with no problems, but then I left the game and stopped playing for like an hour
When I came back, I said let me try the old rust, which I tried it for like 10 mins last time.
Then when I clicked on the North America 1 server, when it was connecting, it backed out
I thought something was wrong so I did it again, same happened
Then I went back and I saw it says VAC_banned!!! (the vac banned error)
I thought there was a maintanence or something, but no
I went to another server, same thing
then I went to a community server and again same thing happened
I thought there was something wrong with the old rust, so I went back to the new Rust
When I started it and went to servers, there were no official servers for me, and like only 20 modded and 3 communities!!!
I swear I didn’t do anything wrong, and I hate hackers in this game, please take a look at my account

My steam username is thetruegamer24
I swear I did not hack please trust me :frowning:
My last word, I am so sad that there are hackers currently in game (I saw one flying) unbanned and I am here crying because I got banned just when I realized how this game works ;(

Thank you

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please please please take a look I beg you
I waited a long time to buy this game :frowning:
Thank you

(User was permabanned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title, cheater" - postal))

I dont think there is anything either Facepunch or the forums can do for you, the vac ban is entirely an EAC and steam issue i think.

thank you for fast respond, but do you anyway I can fix this issue?
I waited sooo long to be able to buy this game :frowning:

Nobody on this forum can help you. You’re VAC banned and the only thing you can do is appeal your ban with Steam Support. NOBODY but Steam Support and the VAC team itself (who you do not get to talk to–Steam Support will contact them if needed) can reverse a VAC ban.

You will also not be told what was detected or when, even if it is a false positive and you are unbanned.

And if you are unbanned, come back and tell us about it, because you’d be the first.

Why would EAC have anything to do with VAC bans? Silly

try talking to the VAC people or Steam (EDIT mean to write VAC not EAC)

This is my steam username to show I am not lying :frowning:

Yeah, I see your profile, and it has a VAC ban on it.

Whether we think you’re lying or not is fucking not the point.


Ok, thanks a lot for your kind help
I will talk to steam support now

Ha! yeah i meant to write VAC not EAC fixed now :slight_smile:

we dont care if your lying or not, a vac ban is a vac ban, The facepunch team does not issue them. They are caught on the VAC server which means that valve issued it. I dont even play rust but this it how it works for every game that incorporates the VAC system. you have to send in a ticket to steam support to find out the reason, but like 90% of the time they are never wrong.

Alright this is unblievable
It says username/password is wrong
there is something wrong!!!
I went to the steam program
logged out
then logged back in fine
but I can’t log in the website :((
What is wrong!!!

Another little know fact is that 99.999999% of vac bans are deserved. So, I recommend that you enjoy your time off and contemplate the evils deeds you’ve committed and how you might avoid this in the future - using more sophisticated hacks is not the correct answer.