I there a known method to converting a .MAP file into a .VMF file?

I’ve been trying to decompile a .map file I have and convert it into .VMF format. Then I’m going to use the brush tool to fix up the warped geometry effect :/. I understand this isn’t the best method and It’ll take hours to accomplish but please let me know.

get hammer 3.5 – the one used for hl1. decompile it to the format of your choosing… i don’t know if it will be playable in the new engine… here’s a link to help.


best of luck!

Just open it with hammer and save it as VMF?! oO

If you open a file, you can choose .map as file format.


I’ll let you know If I run into any problems.

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Error: No textures available for use with that game. You must set them up in the Textures tab of the Options dialog box before you can edit maps for this game.

Do I need to set up textures or whatever for garry’s mod? If so. How do I do this?

read my pm for details :downs:

Definitely use hammer 3.5. By the way, use bsp2map or something similar (there’s another one, can’t recall the name of it) convert it to .map, open it in hammer 3.5 > save it as .rmf > open it in new hammer > save it as .vmf


To fix the textures, create a brush with the block tool right next to the map > select everything in the map > Select the clipping tool > Make sure the whole map is selected > Find the brush you created and clip it in half, but make sure you don’t clip through the map > Now the textures are replacable without any problems. Make sure to delete that clipped brush.

I found this out on my own and this is how I do it and it works fine.

**Problems/fix: **

If this doesn’t work make sure you do the texture thingy when it’s still in hammer 3.5, and then save it to .rmf…etc… because it could crash the new hammer if the textures haven’t been fixed yet.

And by the way, don’t be surprised if there’s some brushes missing because the decompile isn’t really accurate and the brushes can be a mess sometimes.

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Hey conartist, how bout posting it in the forums for others to see, so if next time they can just search the forums and don’t have to make a new thread. Just saying :slight_smile: