I think a Wipe should be forced on official because..

Because there are still many players that have their loot into rocks, last week’s patch fixed that exploit so you can’t build anymore, but if the loot is there, it remains there, and u still have the chance to bring loot inside by looting a player that is outside the rock so you can still use that glitch till a wipe happens.

And this, added to new ladder feature, requires a wipe i think :slight_smile:

gl and gj with ladders :slight_smile: :*

Though the new ladders require a new base design I disagree. Give is another week to let us try out what is possible with ladders and what isn’t. First getting to know them well help after the wipe to adjust to the new feature.

Wipe is a must.

all bases are actually “badly” built for the ladders, so people should build em again, so half of the bases will be empty and we will have tons of entities for nothing and big lags :expressionless: