I think I fucked a vmf up, hammer crashes

Well the title says it really, every time I open Hammer and load a certain vmf, Hammer just quits out, with no warning. I have a strong feeling I have broken something inside the vmf, but I can’t fix it as I can’t load it, or use a text editor as I don’t know what exactly is broken. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can get around this? Or whether it’s something entirely different,

Did you make it or did you decompile it?

Made it, from scratch. But I have a feeling it’s something to do with a detail I add, it seems to occur after I add struts to a ceiling. And no, I don’t know the cor-ordinates so I can’t remove them from the vmf. I wish I knew why they did that though.

Well did you func_detail them?

Yeah, I made sure all the little details like that are fun_detailed. maybe I had a ton of bad vertexs from editing it…

Maybe, to be honest I usually just answer easy questions. Because I don’t know the hard ones.