I think I have an LUA virus

Whenever I start my gmod, I can see the start menu but when I join a server or go into singleplayer, not text appears whatsoever, including the weapon icons as they are a font. Oh, and everything lags to 4-5 fps. Is this an lua virus or something else? Please explain!

Here’s a few questions.

  • Did you join a server recently, if so when?

  • Did you recently install a new addon, if so what?

  • Last but not least when did the problem begin happening.

Did you join the server “[SKI] Huge Sandbox | Admins”?

I suspect that server is a malicious server.

What. How can you “suspect” a server is malicious? Besides, I joined that server and nothing like that happened.

In order:

Yes, I joined a server, the game’s textures were fucked up and there was a ton of lag, my computer crashed altogether and I didn’t play again until it happened. Come to think of it, that was probably it.

No, but I did get gm_bigcity or gms_bigcity or whatever it’s called.

Like I said, it was the day after I joined the server.


Oh, and when my computer crashed I got the BSOD for less time than I could read one word on it (and I’m a very fast reader). I’m going to update my drivers because I saw garry’s thread on the BSOD. I’ll tell you all how it works out.

Look in config.cfg and see that nothing happened :wink:

Edit: PC Wizdan be sappin your GMod.

Who the fuck is PC Wizdan?

Bump, I wanna know who he/she/it is too.


I think you’re right about the config.cfg. My m_mouseaccel (or something like that, has to do with mouse movement speed I assume) is set to 0, my maxnpcs is set to 0, and my maxvehicles is set to 0. I think the mouse acceleration was actually a fake lag in a sense, I couldn’t move so I assumed I had massive lag. Nobody was around in that area, and I didn’t see anyone which I also attributed to lag. I couldn’t switch weapons because my mousewheelaccel (something like that) was set to 1. Now the question is, can I just delete the config.cfg file and expect a new, default one to be created upon starting gmod? Well, whatever, I’ll just do it and hope for the best

Better question, why is he blaming him/her/it? I think he is just trying to frame someone. Because why would he know he/she/it’s name?

Maybe PC Wizdan is a real non-lua computer virus. Also, I’m off right now to test my Gmod after deleting the config file that appeared to be messed up. Well, wish me luck!