I think I have been banned but i reallly dont understand why

So you can see in the title i was banned from rust even though I had never hacked or duplicated. I was wondering if there was a specific reason i was banned or if not can i get unbanned heres my ID

Looking at your profile, I see no VAC ban. Likely you were banned in one server. Just pick a different one to play on, you’ll be fine :smile: admins here can’t do anything about it.

Well I tried but I cant go on any server :frowning:

Then that is a different thing altogether. Go on one, and take a screenshot of the error you get and post here please?

http://puu.sh/5GTgN/bd846e2d0e.jpg so when ever i try to get on anyserver i cant get past here and i get sent back to the server list

The server hasn’t updated

You aren’t banned, it’s just a glitch, shit happens sometimes. Say hi to Bryan Dennis for me, by the way! :v:

Oh well is there anything i can do? or am i just fucked

Just wait until they update, go play something else for a while or jack off for hours on end, but no there is nothing you can do.

Thanks man now i dont feel bad

No problem, I’m here to make you laugh and feel better I suppose.

hey roachflesh, if your on the DEV branch could you let us know what it says in the console after you’re returned to the server browser? ( press F1 )

If it says something like lost connection to server, the servers your trying to connect to might be running with a very low timeout duration. Low enough to where it can be the time it takes to load the level.

I’m guessing the reason some servers are configured this way is to prevent dupers. But with the next update all dupe bugs involving time out’s are fixed.

Anyways It’d be great if you could let me know here what it says on the console