I think I just made a barricade exploit-free, c4-from-ceiling proof, safest high-story base build design regardless of location

Hey all, I’m not much of a big-base builder but my brother is. I prefer tiny 1x1 shacks in random places rather than huge, sprawling bases/empires… anyways.

Note: I know this is a 3 story building, I capped it off early in this building tool to show how the ceilings should be done. This base can go as high as you want.

I saw a post earlier that showed a 4x4 that was double-walled with a 3x3 in the center like this: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3298063116888233711/7FE05BA148066C9AF87553AF704C48E50F20CC75/ which shows the first floor and how it’s done, and then you just build up on the 3x3 and pillars (or walls if you don’t care about windows). The one flaw I found with this design after I built it in a server and used it for a couple days is that you can still make barricades going up, jump on the outer pillars, jump on the ceiling, and then c4 one of the top walls from the side, and then get in by crouching + falling just by the edge and then moving back into the building while in the air.

So I took this design and I made it triple-walled with a 2x2 in the center but ceilings all over the 4x4. It protects against the barricade exploit and the c4 from the ceiling trick I just touched on in the above paragraph. To REALLY make it protect against the barricade exploit you’ll still need to make foundations around it but it won’t require as much wood as most bases as you only need the closest pillars to the ‘3x3 center pillars’ to be built and the pillars on the foundations have to be built as high as the ceiling. There is still a flaw, but it’s tedious to accomplish and still consumes quite a bit of c4.

I took a screenshot of the base, made by using the Rust Base Building tool here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1376012

The screenshot is here: http://imgur.com/s8IAwlS

Notice how it’s triple walled, the first wall is at the 2x2 foundations, second wall at the center pillars of the 4x4 foundations, then third wall at the outer pillars of the 4x4 foundations. Doorways will be unmatched but you get used to it as I did with the double-walled base. All you have to do is build up the pillars on the 4x4 and be sure to make the center pillars on the 4x4 foundation be 1 story less so you can add the ceilings all over the 4x4 at the absolute topmost part of the building once you cap off at however high you want to go. The inner design of the 2x2 is entirely up to you but the hardest design I can think of is alternating corners of stairs (corners diagonal to each other, not side by side to each other) which makes it take at least 4 c4 per floor to get to the next floor IF and ONLY IF you are raiding up the 2x2 rather than exercising the flaw I will explain in the next paragraph.

Beyond all of that, the only flaw I can see here is that you can blow out the second and third walls (which are both on the 4x4 foundation) and then do the barricade exploit going up, but by making 6x6 foundations with pillars (I showed one such foundation with 3 pillars going up on it as that is all you need) and walling up as much as you can on the second and third walls you make it time consuming for raiders to get anywhere doing the barricade exploit. The only way I can see how the barricade exploit can still happen after you wall up the second and third walls is that you take out both the first and second story walls and then putting up your own pillar and barricade, when while you’re on the barricade on second story, you have to blow out the third story wall by jumping up and placing c4, then waiting, then barricading, and so on. I’d imagine that gets annoying fast.

Another flaw I see, but I’m not sure if it’s really doable… Assuming you walled up entirely on the outer wall of the 4x4 you’d have to get on top of the ceiling, c4 the wall from the side, fall down on top of the wall under the wall you just c4’d, c4 the second wall, then (this is the part where I don’t know if it is doable) jump up on the second wall under the wall you just c4’d on the second wall… then c4 the inner 2x2 wall, and bam you’re in top floor. I believe if you can’t jump over, you can still c4 yet another wall on the second wall, jump down THAT wall, then c4 a wall on a lower floor of the 2x2, then raid up.

In addition, if you wall up entirely on the THIRD wall of this 4x4, most raiders won’t even know that the base is designed this way, they have to c4 it first to see what’s going on anyways. Unfortunately, if they decide to raid a 4x4 they most likely brought enough c4/grenades to do the entirety of the 2x2.

Note: I know this is a 3 story building, I capped it off early in this building tool to show how the ceilings should be done. This base can go as high as you want.


Also, if Garry ever decides to patch the barricade exploit, this will be a solid base design since the only flaw would be the c4 from ceiling trick. Still not sure how to really defend against that, even if you build up all of the pillars on the outside to be 6 stories higher than your ceilings, they can still fall down spamming sleeping bag then respawning and c4ing. Oooh… could just build spikes on the ceiling… but they can shoot those down anyway. Hmm…

Sadly, this part is wrong. Considering there is no pillar for a 2nd wall at the top floor (those walls are made with central pillars and you can’t have a central pillar under a ceiling.

It would take 4 c4 to get to the top of the base (2 for outer wall, 2 for top floor, and yes, you can just from the top of a wall to the next one).

If you don’t wall entirely the outer wall, they can either destroy those walls to put pillars/barricades, but the simplest way would be to just go up and build a wall they can fall to on the top floor.

A regular 4x4 base with 3 floors and walls/doorways (48 different rooms) would be harder to raid then a 11 floors base with this design (44 different rooms + outer wall).

What’s the point of the extra walls prior to the base, the 4 extra c4?

Still learning here.

Builds are getting so elaborate, but the basic idea of spread out, 2 levels, and a lot of doors is still the best design. Even though I like the suicide base idea, it seems the glitches of barricades on the pillars outsmarted even the suicide bases. This design seems extremely close to the suicide designs I have seen, except yours isn’t even a suicide. The basic c4 raid would handle this one fairly quick. Once they made it to the 2x2, it’s over. All the outside “glitch” blocking is useless when your base isn’t suicide and they can just work through the two walls and get to your main build. But I’m new, so maybe I am missing something.

You can also use walls as a way to jump up to other levels. You blow a wall then use a barricade / large storage box to get access to the next wall above you. Blow that wall, rinse and repeat. I would be up at the top in no time.

Everything and anything is raidable in Rust. The best option is 1 story high, wide and long base. There is no way to cheese your way through hundreds of doors other then hard earned c4. People using climbing methods to skip the majority of your floors (and doors/protection) isn’t a problem if you only have 1 floor. This will all be changed when ceilings become destroyable though.

Yeah Jediaelthewise posted a video on how to use sleeping bags to get into a suicide base and I helped him shoot another video on how to use spike walls / barricades to get in. However I believe the falling suicide bases are more tricky to get into, however you have to make the suspension 3-4 levels high, which means you’ll take a little dmg jumping down from it.

This week when I have some time I’m going to build it on Jediae’s creative server and get him to try and raid it. I would of done it sooner but its such a pain to build :stuck_out_tongue:

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True story, the only downside to this is the massive amount of metal as most of your chambers in the base will have 3-4 doors in it :(, but you can add on as you go which makes it nice.

hum … WRONG … possibly raided … think more ^^
this architecture is a mode of February/Mars, but this mode is a wrond idea. this ceiling that is supposed to protect you to C4 from the roof create pilars that isnt high enough.
Moreover… i dont understand the use of the walls in the botom ? it could be climbed by barricads/storage, the old methods ?
lack of imagination / Lack o art too :slight_smile:
no no no only 7/20 try again !

See, that’s the problem. I keep trying to make designs that would combat the mentioned climbing methods in this thread, but none of them work. I thought I had a shot with the “extra” ceilings around the actual building with loot (2x2 is actual buiding, 4x4 ceilings) but nope.

I’m slowly getting to this thought: Other than location, there is nothing that you can do to stop people from getting on top of your ceilings and c4ing from the side or otherwise doing something to get into your base from the top.

This problem will only become worse when ceilings become destroyable. It doesn’t matter if it is a 10 story tower or 20, assuming they keep their loot at the top room they can get on top and destroy the ceiling.

Past this, I think the only real way to combat raiders is to have both a tall and wide base with spread out loot so they have to blast several doors just to get all the loot you have. The problem with that however, is people will get disorganized that way, or spend a lot of time remembering what loot is in what room.

If your ceiling has an over hang they can’t get in from the top unless they can get under the ceilings over hang.

However as stated before the best defense is long wide bases that are 1 lvl, or multilevel if you have the spare time / resources. Although with any base that is more then 1 level you can always be grief ed where the raiders remove your stairs from the 2nd level and then ceiling up where the stairs used to be so you can never access the 2nd level again without trying to build up and blow in some way.

Actually there is a way to counter this. Put a middle pillar on one of your foundations and all the way up (inside your base). Then, you don’t put a wall on one side of the next floor and add a box/barricade to go to the next floor. Then you can add a hanging box/barricade on this floor to go up again and again.

This way, no grief, and on the down side, its a bit long to go up (when you go down, you need to fall on the barricade one or 2 floors below so it’s kinda fast), and when they get to that room, they can go any floor they want.

On the plus side, they don’t know where your stairs are because they can’t see it through the wall. Just make sure you barricade walls so people can’t see inside and usually, they’ll just think your stairs are in the inner rooms).

You come up with crazy ideas when grief is allowed on your server =)


I might have misunderstood what you said, but there is always a way to get under over hanged ceiling.

Not if you have 1-2 foundations worth fully pillared up or build in a place where they can’t build a foundations to stair up to abuse the open middle pillars.

I was implying regardless the location. But even if there is tons of foundations fully pillared, there is always a way to add a spike wall between 2 pillars to reach the next pillar until you reach the middle pillar under the ceiling, innit?

As long as the exploits aren’t fixed our bases will never be unraidable.

Foundations fully pillared up doesn’t matter as long as you can get on those pillars. Once you get on top of the pillars, you can fall down to your death (if needed) on top of the base (the ceilings) while spamming sleeping bag, and respawn with no loss in items.

Read the ‘Another flaw I see’ paragraph of the OP and check the first reply to this thread (from h4x!). I touched on flaws that occur even when you have an ceiling overhang and h4x! confirms it. I’ve quoted the paragraph from my post and h4x!'s post below:

I don’t play on servers that do not offer the remove tool, so griefing is impossible in these servers. Griefing a person’s base is way too easy in Rust so I play on anti/no-griefing or remove tool servers.

If you use walls they can be blown off.
Walls stop the placement of middle pillars that are used to prevent stair placement.

So this is what I would do:

Blow one wall
Place offset staircase
Blow real wall to loot

now it s easy to go to the top of a tower, with pillar climbing etc …i guess it’s useless now to separate each floor :
so ive put the stairs “ouside” without doors betwin floors. . So every “Floor” are independant, and need a minimum of 3 Walls-or-doors to go to the center.
So more you are high ; more you have fake levels.

Moreover, this is a standart cross architecture useful when you have only one floor.

Finaly this is the best Secure/cost Ratio according to me.


Just an update, you can place buildings while falling. So the falling suicide base I described can be broken into. It would take you about 3 suicides before you could fall and not die… assuming you got the timing right when placing items when falling.

its not safe at all man u just go straight and find ur loot if not seeing u can go raound all inside and see where it is at least put walls at these layers of wall between