I think i’m mistaken about what s&box is

Okay so as I understood it a week ago, s&box has 2 things.

  1. Gamemodes
  2. Addons (downloadable mods that add for example new things in the spawn menu)

But i’ve just realised that i’m ONLY hearing about gamemodes.

Will s&box have addons or is it ONLY gamemodes?

I’ve gone down the FAQ and saw some mentions of addons but they never say anything about addons specifically

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S&box is very early in development, they have fleshed out a way to run gamemodes and maps.
Scripts/Addons/SWEPs will all get added long before the game is released.

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Addons are typically things people make to enhance gamemodes, so we generally need the gamemodes to come first.

For example, in gmod there are a lot of addons for DarkRP, but they couldn’t have been made if DarkRP didn’t exist first.

There are also addons that don’t necessarily associate with a specific gamemode, but those are usually made to address some quality of life issue with the game and since the game’s still in development it wouldn’t make sense to make any of those when you could simply suggest an issue to be addressed directly.


this clears it up, cant beleive i didnt think about that lol

also it wouldnt make sense to develop an addon right now anyways because the devs are changng stuff every minute so i guess it would b easy to break

addons will probably be a thing, and they could range from gamemode-agnostic to gamemode-specific. for example you could probably have an admin system or weapon pack that works with most gamemodes, but you’d also have addons designed for specific gamemode purposes.