I think I was flagged as spam on the wiki

My wiki access looks like this right now. And I was trying to fix the navigation on Wiki Help.

That’s all I see

Please, help.


I don’t know how Facepunch bans people but maybe it’s related to your account or IP address? Try looking on your mobile with and without your account. If you think you have been banned, you should contact Garry on Discord or by email.

when logged out I have access. I’m not the only one with this issue.

Perhaps Facepunch’s servers are still under “maintenance” following yesterday’s troubles.

Before, the wiki was only preventing edits from certain accounts. This was fixed after I asked about it. What happend after… idk what happend after.

What happend?

Some script kiddies botted the site with random edits, and porn.

Huh that literally doesn’t affect anybody

Someone in the Sandbox Discord has the same issue.

The funny thing though is that the help wiki has now all navigation bars fixed and I didn’t even edit all.

still flagged as spam D:

Try opening a ticket on Facepunch supports website. Maybe someone on the support team can help? idk, that’s the next best thing i would try.

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They have such?

yup, here’s the facepunch support site: Facepunch Studios