I think i will kill someone !


(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title" - postal))

If you are going to kill someone then kill yourself.

No but really the server is probably being optimized/upgraded because of all the structures. Rather this than lag infested game play.

Yeah you probbably have reason, now some poeple complain about he can’t connect to server, like me

What is this even about? Yes we know the servers are down.

yeah, but i buy the game less than a hour

well since no one has a time machine and can give you the same playtime as everyone else I don’t see how this is fucking relevant at all

if the servers are down you fucking wait and complain that the servers are down, not “i buy the game less than a hour”

Welcome to Alpha.

redswandir i know i explain at zoofi that i can’t wait to play.

zem +1