I think its time for a cheating/hacking ban wave.

I absolutely love this game, so much that I find myself checking in on twitch streamers during work to hold me over.

It actually upset me today that my favorite streamer, and easily your most popular streamer, CohhCarnage got so mad at the cheating and hacking that he shut his always full server, Cohhlition, down and started streaming other games. He later restarted it but warned there were no admins in server to monitor it and the hacking/cheating would be sure to continue. His stream has undoubtedly led to an increase in awareness and desire in playing Rust for a large portion of the Cohhlition Community.

Its about time that you review that VAC log and do a ban wave. I’m starting to believe that the health of the Rust community depends on it.

I love FacePunch and hold you in such high regard especially after your hard work over the holiday/weekend to fix the server attacks you were experiencing.

Thanks for all you do and keep it up!