i think that Model hexing goes here...

hey guys! i’ve learned how to hex stuff! and now im taking requests!

im sure that my comment will be rated as dumb.

but what is hexing?

hexing is getting an skin that would replace something at the game and Making that it dont replace anything!

hexing is suppose to make a model with the material not replace the original one

¬¬ post your hex requests

really i need to hex stuff and i dont know whY!

Try this lol http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/72430

nope… try again .-. It’s a V model nOt a W model so… it would be useless so find one with an W model and i’ll hex it for ya =D


okay okay hexing a V model just would be useful if you was going to make a swep. but are ya?

yeah i was

You’re not much of a hexer if you have to question everything.

I have a request:

If you can hex that, I would be forever grateful :smiley:

o crap that was what i was afraid of. if there’s something i’ve leaned on hexing is Never change the materias folder so… i’m sorry but the only thing i can hex is Models .-. that have Models AND materias

i’m a failure T~T but if you wanna i can make it addon like for you so it will replace but if you want you can just delete it .-.

Not a problem, It’s quite easy to manually create an info.txt so I don’t need help with that.

Thanks for looking into it at least.

No offence Kolipoki, but English isn’t your fist language, is it?

nope :stuck_out_tongue: a few days ago it was but as i got back in school i couln’t concentrate too much on speaking english or any other of my 15 languages =P

Well you can’t really say that you know how to hex then.

.-. okay that CAN be said but .-. I LIKE to hex stuff… i just dun exactly know how to hex Materials!

Offtopic: i made a emote of your avatar simkas…

never mind delet this post