i think the servers are down?

was playing game on west coast rutune?* … then seen mass disconnects from people? umm idk. server wipe?

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ok yeah im getting failed attempts on google crome and firefox

They just wiped servers like two days ago. I don’t see that happening again right now. Probably another DDoS.

Yeah, I was playing on the paper hat server yesterday, now it’s nowhere to be found on the list, anyone have any idea what might be happening with that? I sure as hell don’t want to lose everything this time.

The rumor is DDoS, but I am also hearing “updates,” yet Garry has not posted anything anywhere.

gotta ask whats DDoS?

Distributed Denial Of Service attack.

God damn, kids temper’s these days.

Denial of service attack,
in other words asshat wannabe hackers messing up our game for us.

thank you guys

Fucking little kids

I would be nice to get some Feedback from the dev’s, currently, US West 2 is up, but it is experiencing major lag. Any word on the subject would be appreciated.

west 2 not letting me connect

west 1 isn’t even there

You just gonna shit on people… or maybe contribute to the thread…?

For some reason they did not wipe Renton when they did the other servers so his post is correct it could be a server wipe for that server.

O god they gonna bring the animals to life

are you sure or just guessing?

No one knows for sure except for the devs. Which, it would be nice if they could step in and say what’s happening. I sent them a message on Twitter and nothing yet. I’ve submitted a bug report, and nothing. US West #2 was off and on last night… worked fantastic this morning and afternoon… and now is down and wont get up.

I have guys foaming at the mouth to get in and we have no idea why it’s happening, if there’s an incoming fix, or if after all this… will everything have decayed from the nonsense server going up and down.

A little bit of information from the Devs would be grateful.

agreed a dev comment would be awesome.