I think this is a Linux specific bug - being able to see through walls.

The walls kind of shimmer, and every now and then you can see through them. Can’t see other walls, furnaces, boxes, or anything like that - but you can see players, terrain, and signs.

It took me quite a while to get screenshots of this, as it’s hard to reproduce and get it to stay there while you snap it. Like I said, it shimmers, and about 2% of the time you get it. It doesn’t work on all of the walls at once either, you get random bits it works on at a time.

I’m loath to report this as it’s really handy! Good for seeing whether there is a sleeper in a base you’re considering raiding. Alas, my sense of fair play dictates that I report it. Pretty sure this is a Linux only bug, as I’ve asked quite a few people and I haven’t found a single other person who is experiencing this.

Nvidia GTX 650, AMD Phenom X2 @ 3.5Ghz, 8G RAM, Linux Mint 17.

If you guys have other more important bugs to fix, that’s totally cool. Leave this one as long as you like.

I’ve recently switched from having all the graphics settings on absolute minimum (apart from draw distance) to having most of it on, and I don’t get this “problem” any more.

If you ever try and recreate it, you’ll have to use those settings.