I thought all duping was fixed on non-experimental Rust

Found on Germany 2 today…

Maybe they speedhacked to gather all that? Dunno, all the servers are full of cheaters, dunno how anybody can play on an official server.

yea, play on a community where the admins are more active to avoid this stuff

Looks legit.

With ESP he sees every resssource nodes I believe and he flys to them one after the other I believe.

it look legit i played server when ppl farm alot build even biger base then this , i normal played 10h a day ^^

10 hours a day? Christ - I wish I had that much free time.

depents how many hours you work ^^ day

Even if you work a typical 8 hour day, and then come home to immediately play Rust for 10+ hours, then that means you would only be left less than 6 hours left in the day to do everything else like make dinner/shower/sleep, etc. etc. etc., and that is only if you are willing to stay up a full 24 hours.

Then there are those of us that work 12 hour shifts. :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont work 8hours a day hihi : 3

-shrugs- Either way, way too much free time. Not being judgmental or anything - it is your life and all. But having it normal to play games 10+ hours a day is pretty damn unhealthy. But whatever makes you happy, I s’pose.

i work 6h a day :smiley: then im going home watch anime or play games^^

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leon turn on your mail thing on side so i can privet chat with you : 3

It could easily be legit, a 30 person group could farm this in a couple days.