I thought I had a good idea...

Well I thought I finally had a good idea, a shipping run type game mode where you are given a/some prop(s) of various size and weight as a shipment and you then must cross a long area and deliver your shipment to the other base, so far there’s npc scattered along the way. You gain levels for killing enemies, and gain cash for weapons/props by running shipments. You are only allowed 1 vehicle (seat/jeep/airboat) and must buy props to build a way to transport your cargo to the other base your shipment can not be constrained.

Does this seem like a good idea? What would make it better?

I’ve tested it and so far it’s way too easy, I need to add some obstacles and traps along with the npc’s I have.
But I am unsure of what obstacles would be fun rather than frustrating.

If this is a dumb idea go ahead and rate me, but If you do please leave me a better idea to work on.

Seems like a nice idea, but the NPCs and leveling seem arbitrary. Using shipping run cash to buy new things would be nice though.

It would be better if the map was a big sea with various islands on it, and the gamemode randomises the cargo and destination for you. Then when you’re transporting the cargo you can try to kill other players with your boat’s weapons to steal their cargo. But you have to be careful, because the freight can be destroyed by weapons as well. There are no clues as to where the cargo was supposed to go, so you’ll have to tailgate your target and work out where he might be going. Which might make him attack you pre-emptively.

Yes, that might be interesting.

Building your own boats might lead to a giant lag fest and/or people not bothering to play, so if I did make it I’d probably make some easy freighter SENTs that you use instead.